Top Font Downloads For October 1st 2012

 Big Print - Halftone font that looks great big on posters! Make to Look Big.

 BlackWidow - Spooky Halloween Special Font. Great for invitations. Spiders not included.

 Crackvetica -  Cracked out fun

EuroParty - Featuring Special Euro Chars

Fantastic Sunset - Basic cursive with long T's and N's. Great for logos

 Fourth Dimension- A hand-drawn 3d font. Great for Commerical Use, Ads

HotSweat - Gradient texture font. Great for logos.

ScribbleTime- Hand drawn scribble font

 SwirlInsertion - Hand drawn swirly font. For your indie album cover.

 ToxicWaste - Creepy dirty dripping bump font. Great for Halloween. It's spooky.