We will make your font for FREE!  

Valid Through AUGUST 23rd, 2012

Get your font seen and downloaded by thousands of people!

Rules and Guidelines:

1) Draw at least all the caps and numbers 0-9
   a) Lowercase is not required.
   b) Add any additional characters you would like to see.
2) Make each character at least one inch high, no larger than three inches.
3) Use as many sheets of paper needed.
4) Use a solid black marker to make a constant line.
5) Photograph your font with a cell phone or digital camera or scanner (300 dpi.)
  a) Most importantly, get even light across the artwork when taking picture.

5) By submitting any of your art to Xerographer Fonts | Max Infeld, you authorize the exclusive use of this work. This includes any distribution and licensing.
   a) You will receive 50% of any licensing fees generated from your font.
   b) You will be receive Unlimited Commercial Use if your font is created by us.

7) E-Mail Your Artwork With Subject: "FONT DEAL"
 a) Include what you would like the font to be called. Name it like this: FirstLast.
 b) Provide the following information: your name, website, facebook link. This information will be included in the documentation in the font and posted on this blog.

8) E-MAIL .jpgs or images to