A Poem About Straight Hand Font by Nika Harper at Typeface Tales

Steady now, steady.

They can tell when you’re upset. This all relies on you keeping calm. Don’t be too hasty. Don’t smudge it. Try to be as even as possible.

But oh god I can just smell it in the air. I can sense it, this can all change. That dust cloud means anything I want it to mean, and it does NOT mean I go hungry.
There’s something special here. Can’t be an animal, it’s too straight, too fast. It must be a vehicle. Yeah, at the very least I’ll get… a car or something, even for a little while. God that’d be great. I wonder if I can use the gas for the generator.
It’s hot as shit out here. A day of cool would do me a world of good. [READ MORE] at Typeface Tales