Cool Font News on Twitter!

Here's some cool stuff going on with fonts on twitter.
This Jumpy Font Has Had A Few Too Many Cups Of Coffee: There are all kinds of fonts out there, but they pretty ... 

  • How Better Typography Could Reduce Car Crashes | Popular Science 
    How to use Google Web Fonts in your  theme 
    This site has lots of awesome blog design tips/freebies/fonts/little images etc.  love this! 

  • I like big pictures, big fonts and simple sidebars - not too many adverts as they make my already ancient laptop grind to a halt
    20 Fresh Beautiful Fonts For Your Web and Print Designs -
    I wish Twitter allowed us to change fonts. Some of these tweets might be funnier typed in Comic Sans.
    It's one of the busiest  s to date. Keep those fonts on board games pics coming 
    It's fonts on board games on this . Post your board game fonts remembering to include 
    "Check out the fine print." - black guy really into fonts
    Cambelt: placeholder images with options for custom fonts, secure images, image sizes and background colors -  
    TweetDeck gets a makeover, new update brings themes and improved fonts - 
    Escape from standard web fonts with CSS3’s -face feature. You can literally add any font that your heart desires 
    I am somewhat dissatisfied with the choice of fonts used in my dreams.
    WOW, I’m Typing My Personal Messages in My Own Handwriting. Get This App To Easily Create Cool Fonts & Codes :  *ad
    SVGs are cool, but icon fonts are just 10% of their file size
    Veer Presents: “Our Fonts, Our Friends”: “Our Fonts, Our Friends” is the first in a series of retr...   
    RT   I have a program for digital scrapbooking. Pick out pic, choose background, choose embellishments & fonts/te...
    Try FontShop fonts in Photoshop before you buy 
    I am really enjoying the fonts used in the advertisements in this rural Massachusetts high school football program my dad mailed me.
    Foto: theme-hunter: Adobe Edge Web Fonts Edge Web Fonts gives you access to a vast web font library made...
    Cheesy jazz, bad fonts, seventies vibe at the  Well done double shag orange carpets, I mean golds.
    Inge Kaehler liked Legacy of Defeat - Making Badass Fonts: This is only a sample of the typefaces created and have… 
    Smoother dashboard typefaces might enhance driver   AgeLab
    These slides are written in Comic Sans of all the friggin' fonts to use.... what are you doing and why are you doing it?
    Adobe Edge Web Fonts – Adding Charm to Words  via
    Melany Birckbichler liked 20 Revealing Fonts Used in Logo of Popular Websites | Designrshub: If you have… 
    Four fonts walk into a bar. Barman says "We don't serve your type in here."
     You got the included fonts past the TF reviewers, or did you have to take them out?